Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Changes to the design and check this out.

So after looking at the samples a little tweaks are needed and I need to realise that extra large is now my size. So the neck needs to be made larger so the chin sits behind the collar rather than on top. It will be way to uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. The zip works but the quality doesn't feel right, so going to get a bette quality zip. We may also look at changing the shape of the jacket slightly to give a better look. All in all it works extremely well.

Sorry if the update is a little dull but it's the fine details that will make the design of a product great. Hopefully going to head to some outdoor shows soon. Will keep you all posted.

Oh I forgot. Been doing a little research on my jacket and to see if anyone out there is doing something similar and I came across this little gem. The 15 Below jacket. Check it out. Similar but different in a real survival way. What a great idea and I hope you like it.

15 Below Project

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