Monday, 28 May 2012

Stuffa samples finally here!!

Well they finally arrived! 8 months in the making and we have 42 samples to show for it.

The photo shows a large, fully loaded with clothes. It's me in the photo and I need a extra large. Dam you winter season I thought I had lost weight. Anyway it's still got enough clothing in it for a long weekend away. Well 4 nights away ( unless you need 3 outfits for each day! But we wouldn't expect that kinda person to buy a Stuffa).

So whats next. Well we are getting ready for photo shoots, website and other Stuff. We're also looking to find retailers to stock us. So if you are one leave a comment and I'll be sure to get back to you. Hell it's exciting.

Quick update, just added this photo of all the clothes that were packed inside. Maybe more than you think. Stuffa - 'fit more in'
Sorry for the sad face but i was trying to get the camera to work. Concentrate!


  1. So when can we buy them and how much will they retail for? :)

  2. Major late delay in seeing this question. Stuffa Jackets are gonna be available on the 26th/ 27th November 2012.