Monday, 21 May 2012

Exploring more than just the surf - Stuffa

Stuffa is all about doing the things you love and the opportunity to explore. As a keen surfer since being a teenager and living far away from any decent surf when growing up. My friends and I jumped in cars, got trains, rode bikes, skateboarded to get to the surf. I wanted to go surfing and I did what it took to get me there. Later on when I had a job and still surfed a lot, the money I made, made it easier too get to the surf. We could discover new places. If the south coast wasn't working maybe there would be a wave on the east coast. If the surf on the west coast was massive and blown out where could we get to to find smaller cleaner waves? I remember one weekend we were living in London and thought there would be a wave on the south west coast. So we got up around 4am and five of us jumped into the car we had and drove for 4 hours. First sight of the sea and there was nothing but a ripple. Maybe it was working further down? So we drove for another 2 hours. Nothing. Well maybe the south coast is getting hit by it. Over 9 hours later we were in our wetsuits surfing on the smallest wave in the world but the biggest we could find. If we had lived 10 mins away and we had two hours to spare, we wouldn't have bothered getting in, but by this point, we just wanted to get wet. It was stupid but fun. We were back in London late that night having spent most of the day sitting in a car board stiff. We keep on exploring new places and we keep trying new things. We all swore that if that happened again we would stop the car and do something else. So we brought our skateboards, packed our tents, carried guitars and brought maps and went hiking. Our passion was surfing but doing stuff is what it was all about. The Stuffa Jacket gives me so many ideas on where I could wear it and how great it would have been to have on those trips. I'm thinking of ways in which i can test my Stuffa Jacket out. Its gonna be fun.

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