Tuesday 2 February 2021

How to Pack A Stuffa Jacket - Stuffa One Packing Instructions

If you already own a Stuffa jacket it might be obvious how to use it. But perhaps you are sitting at home thinking 'how does it work?'. Well, it's very simple. In this video our founder Sandro, explains the basics step by step:

  • What are your airline's baggage limits?
  • Working out what items to travel with.
  • What items should go into your jacket?
  • What items should go into your luggage?
  • How to physically pack your Stuffa jacket.
  • How much you could save.
Any questions? drop a comment below. Believe us, we have an answer for all Stuffa related questions (serious questions please)

Thursday 28 January 2021

Monday 10 February 2020

Stuffa Odyssey - How To Travel With a Stuffa Jacket

Ever wondered how you actually would travel with a stuffa jacket? Here is a little video to show you how the process works. It's a whopping 1min 31 seconds long. So you might need a handful of popcorn and a shot glass of pop to watch it with. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts. All comments welcome. 

Thursday 24 January 2019

Budget Long Haul Flights - Norwegian - WOW Air

Cheap long haul flights have taken off over the last few years and I have had the chance to fly with two of them, Norwegian and WOW AIR in the last 12 months and to put it lightly, I LOVE EM!!! Sure they have pros and cons but they have allowed me to travel 10 times to the USA last year and without them, it wouldn't of been possible. 

WOW Air is probably my least favourite out of the two. Mainly due to the stop over in Iceland which adds an extra couple of hours to a 7 to 8 hour flight. I found this the most annoying on the night flight back. You get settled, try and get some sleep, then 4 to 5 hours later, in the middle of the night you have wake up, move to the connecting flight and do the whole process again (i get grumpy when tired). 

Monday 23 March 2015

Go Further This Summer

Traveling and exploring this summer is going to become a whole load easier. Why? Were launching a new Stuffa jacket and its go to enable you to do more of the stuff you love which is getting out there and exploring. All you have to do is decide on where and what to do next.

We'll be releasing more info over the next couple of months. So check back with us to find out more for launch dates and exclusive pre-order details.

Sunday 23 November 2014

The Stuffa Triptych Jacket Is Now Available

Adventuring this winter? Want to take more stuff with you? Want to stay warm and dry? Then do we have the jacket for you.

Saturday 8 November 2014


We are pleased to announce our new Stuffa Jacket the TRIPTYCH is now available to pre-order from our website www.stuffa.co.uk.

We plan to have all pre-orders delivered around the 25th November 2014. There are a limited amount of jackets available this winter so we recommend ordering now to avoid disappointment.