Monday, 11 June 2012

15 mins later. . . .

Got a phone call from from my good friend Tim on Saturday afternoon around 5pm. 'Wind is changing, waves are gonna be small. Going to be leaving in 15 mins. Camping tonight and surfing tomorrow. Are you up for it?' he asked. 'Yep' was my reply. Packed my camping stuff, loaded my Stuffa with a few essential clothes. And 15 mins later I was loading my stuff into his car.

Stuffa, Stuffa Jacket
Surf was very small but I haven't been in for 7 months. Very unfit. Good to get wet again. Stuffa worked well considering all my camping gear took up all the space in my small rucksack.
Woolacombe is a great place. If the waves are to big you can head further down the beach to find smaller waves and if you want something a little powerful you can drive down to Croyde where the wave packs more punch.

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