Monday, 18 June 2012

Brand Ethos

Had an amazing surf yesterday. Everything just clicked into place. Every wave I caught seemed to roll on for ages as I trimmed and turned down its face. The waves weren't brilliant but enough to give me that warm feeling inside as I popped off the back of the wave and paddled out to catch another. Its sometimes like that. The two hour journey to get there was washed away from my memory as I dropped into the first one. It felt good.

I can only imagine what it feels like to work hard to be the best and it pays off. What would it feel like if you won the FIFA World Cup?, handed the jacket at the Masters?, lift the trophy at the All English Lawn Tennis Courts at the Wimbledon Final? or any event where your crowned the best for your hard work and dedication. Most of us will never know what that will feel like to be the best on the world. But with every victory, however small, give yourself a pat on the back and remember how far you went to get to where you are.

How does that all tie into our brand ethos? Well, we are working on what our brand is all about and we are having to work out who we are?, how we got to this point and why? It boils down to the fact that all five of us who have worked on it, have come from different backgrounds. How can we make a single statement that sums up what we are all about. All five of us want to get more out of life whether in our working or social life and explore more doing it. Our tagline is the basis of what we are all about, which is simply 'fit more in'. We will have the final ethos worked out soon, but until then I will leave you with something we all liked and sums up how we all feel reflects what we want.

'Wherever you are going and whatever you are doing, don't let your bags weigh you down. Stuff this jacket and go.'

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