Sunday, 19 October 2014

The TRIPTYCH - Our Brand New Jacket. Available on Pre-order Soon!

We are really excited to be telling you about our awesome new 3 in 1, waterproof winter jacket, the TRIPTYCH (pronounced 'Trip-Tick' for all of you who may be wondering).

In a nut shell, they zip together to make one ultra warm coat or unzipped to create two completely different jackets.

The OUTER JACKET has an 18'000mm waterproof rating along with a load of other technical features which will keep you dry in all your winter pursuits.

Once you have finished on your daily adventure and back energising in the comfort of your log cabin, igloo, tent or . . . more than likely rehydrating at a local apres bar or restaurant, the INNER JACKET will keep you warm, and make you stand out from everyone else who could only bring one coat on their adventure away. Losers!

Pre orders are going to be up and running around the beginning of November. We will keep you posted on expected delivery dates so you can get yours in time for your next trip. Go Adventure.

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