Friday, 7 March 2014

Stuffa Byond

Back in December we were asked to support Byond who are a charity working to rebuild classrooms for children in the Philippines by donating a couple of jackets to help take more valuable equipment out to the Philippines. The first team has now returned to the UK and the second team have set off and if you are able to help support the project in any way please follow the link to their site below. This is what Michael from Byond said about their trip and the Stuffa jackets - there are some pictures of the trip after the text:

In February this year, volunteers for the British charity Byond travelled to the Philippines to repair damaged classrooms and help children in poor areas to have the opportunity of an education. Large numbers of classrooms across the regions of Leyte and Eastern Samar had their roofs ripped off or crushed by trees blown down by the typhoon that hit the region nearly four months ago. The volunteers carried with them power tools, communications equipment and medical supplies, so every kilo of luggage allowance was valuable. Stuffa were able to help by donating Stuffa jackets, which were each filled with up to six kilos of extra luggage allowance. Despite temperatures that reached 38 degrees, volunteers working for Byond restored classrooms at three schools during February and helped hundreds of primary school children in deprived areas to get back to school. You can read more about the work of Byond at

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