Saturday, 8 February 2014

Abandoned Runway

9 miles from where I am currently living I came across an abandoned runway on google maps. Built in 1944 and abandoned in 1972. Its been here, and pretty much untouched for over 40 years except for the buildings that overlooked it. Just over a 100 meters away from the A3, I must of driven past the end of the runway over 200 times in the past 4 years without knowing it was ever there. Its around 1km long. How can something so big like this be so hidden away and be so exciting to find.

I only came across this amazing place because I wanted to find locations for photo shots that stir up the longing for travel. I'm looking forward to finding new places further a field, but hope I can find other hidden gems like this, especially if they are so close to home.

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