Monday, 18 February 2013

Morocco Surf Trip

I thought I would post this email that I received from Simon in Bournemouth. He recently went to Morocco with a Stuffa Jacket and kindly wrote to us, to tell us all about it. Some nice photos as well!

"Hi Sandro. I just wanted to say, I love my Stuffa! - An awesome jacket, which has opened my mind to a whole new way of packing for a surf trip.
I recently came back from a winter surf trip to Morocco and was stoked at how much I managed to fit into my Stuffa jacket!

As I am sure you know, flying economy appears cheap, but by the time these 'budget' airlines bolt on the hidden extras, you can end up paying more than you thought. I always try to travel light when I go away surfing - when I say light, I mean I still take 2 surfboards, and the rest of my surf kit in one big board bag, but that leaves very little room (or cash) for much else. Besides my boards, I don't need much while I am away, so I would normally pack a small carry on day sac for the few essential changes of clothes I need, a book or 2 and small travel luxuries. Alas, the key to my packing, is distribution of bulk and weight between my surfboard bag, and my carry on sac. 

Just for the record, before I left for my trip, i thought I'd see just how much of my carry on luggage I could fit in my Stuffa. Here are a few photos. All laid out, it seemed like a lot to 'stuff', but i was amazed how easily everything packed away into the pockets! I was impressed to find that by packing all this kit into my Stuffa jacket - I had just made my carry on back back redundant! Amazing! - All the more room for bringing home some souvenirs and duty free!!!

The Moroccan surf gods gave us a fantastic week of waves, and much needed winter sun! Being so close to the desert in Southern Morocco, the nights could get super chilly - dipping to just 5'C early one morning on one dawn surf mission we made! - so i was grateful to have the Stuffa gillet with me! Also, I need to say that my Stuffa jacket was the perfect warm layer for my early morning travels to and from Gatwick airport by bus and train. 

So, I just want to give a big up to the Stuffa jacket - an ace companion for an economy surf trip to escape the English winter!

Simon, Bournemouth"

Thanks Simon from all of us at Stuffa, its good to see the jacket being put to good use. I'm still impressed by how good it looks when stuffed!! Love the surf shot! Thanks also for your ideas for mark two! Email and photos below.

We want to hear about more of your experiences using your Stuffa. If we like it, we'll post it on here plus send you some Stuffa goodies to say thanks. Photos go a long way to help tell your story so please include as many as possible. Even if its something that you did local to where you live. You don't have to travel far to explore the world.

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