Thursday, 18 October 2012

How much do clothes weigh?

When we first had the idea for the Stuffa Jacket the first question we asked ourselves is 'how much do clothes weigh?' Well how much do things weigh?
I know how much I weigh, a bag of sugar and the weights I use at the gym, but apart from those things, I generally don't take much notice.

I was staying in a backpackers hostel in Vietnam when I started doing some research. With the contents of my rucksack and a set of grocery scales at reception, i started to weigh everything. My t-shirts, socks, pants, trousers, jumpers, waterproof coat, my book, lonely planet guide, jumpers, flip flops, camera, gloves, presents, roll mat, sleeping bag, first aid kit, my towel etc. I discovered things weigh more than i thought. For instance, my t-shirts varied in weight, due to the thickness and type of material. My lightest t-shirt weighed 160g and the heaviest 250g. The thing I was most surprised by were my jeans that weighed just over 800g. Add the weight of a heavy t-shirt and it brings the weight to just over 1kg. Those two items alone could be costing me £40 in excess baggage on a return flight. Take that total to 2kg and you could be paying around £80 at £20 per kg!

Needless to say the maths worked. If a jacket could hold over 2 kgs of clothes, it almost pays for itself on a return flight. I say that's a pretty good investment. 

The Stuffa Jacket is going to be available from 26th November 2012 from our website. If you’re planning a flight and want something to keep you warm this winter, we have just the ticket.


  1. Could this product also work as a alternative to a backpack bag during warmer weather simply for carrying stuff other than clothes?

    1. You could easily use it as an alternative for a backpack. We think there are loads of times it would come in handy for whatever you need it for.